Artist Statement

Through my use of pens, pencils, oils, and found objects my audience has an opportunity to discover their personal truths, uncover limiting beliefs, recover their sense of belonging and share in the human experience.  For example, one multi-medium piece uses mirrors to provide the viewer an immersive experience by enabling them to see themselves in my work.  

My art is both realistic and impressionistic.  Color is used in some pieces to create whimsy and evoke joy.  Black and white drawings of everyday vintage pieces may create nostalgic feelings, a longing for simpler days or memories of a loved one.  Portraits freeze moments in time and provide fresh perspective on the past and present.  Regardless of the medium, technique or subject, my aim is always to invite introspection, challenge complacency and encourage healing.  

In the beginning of my career, my work was rooted in what I saw, just as impressionism is rooted in realism.  Through my creative process, I began to see more.  Today, as I grow personally and professionally, I perceive the world differently and have a deeper understanding.  Art is the language I use to write my personal invitation to others…

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